Combinado Consult is happy to be a partner of the Start Up Energy Transition Tech Festival since its first edition in 2017. We have been engaged in this annual event as reading jury member, outreach and networking partner.

Thanks to this great initiative – by the German Energy Agency (dena) in cooperation with the World Energy Council – the world’s best energy startups got the chance accessing to a global audience and investors to get on track their innovative and sustainable solutions.

We are proud to have supported the internationalization of this unique event and and the startups in fostering its international business development activities.

About 600 applications from energy startups have been submitted each year so far from all over the world, mainly from industrialized countries, but also from several emerging economies and developing countries.

At this competition, several startups from Latin America made it to the Top 100 lists. In the following we highlight all the startups from the region that made it in the years from 2017-2020.


SolarLatam | Argentina (SET 100 list 2020)

SolarLatam is an innovative platform that enables electricity users, on-grid and off-grid, to design, quote, finance and operate their solar systems 100% online. They launched the first platform that enables commercial, industrial, and residential users of Latin America to access their solar system in and easy way.

Nydro Energy, Argentina (SET100 list 2019)

NYDROENERGY provides a set of tools that enable almost any power grid to turn into a smart grid by using sensors and an interactive platform. By using our platform, users, prosumers, DSOs and TSOs can buy and sell electricity, add new power sources and automate transactions.


Sunew Filmes Fotovoltaicos | Brazil (SET 100 list 2020 and SET100 list 2018)

SUNEW built an innovative and highly scalable production process and has now become a leader in Organic Photovoltaics (OPV) technology. Their OPV enables energy generation on any surface, from smart buildings glass facades to vehicles and more.

Prosumir | Brazil (SET 100 list 2020)

Prosumir operates in the energy recovery market, developing innovative solutions to turn energy waste into opportunities for energy efficiency, cogeneration, and renewables. The core solution developed is the Pressure Reducing Turbine, a steam turbine that lowers and controls the steam pressure.

Ecosolar Energia, Brazil (SET100 list 2019)

Ecosolar works as a photovoltaic system integrator as well as parttime supplier. They go through all the steps to ensure that clients can get the solution which will bring economic gains and other benefits. Their mission consists of bringing clean, renewable and self-sufficient energy into people’s lives and daily routines.

Newatt, Brazil (SET100 list 2017)

Newatt offers an energy management system that helps their clients to monitor and optimize their energy usage, offered as a Software as a Service solution. They provide means to uncover the real energy cost of each sector or equipment in a site, a powerful tool to prioritize improvement efforts and to identify energy waste.


Inti Tech, Chile (SET100 list 2019)

Inti-Tech offers an automatic, high frequency and water free cleaning service based on the use of a robotic device which was designed by their R&D team. Their robot is capable of cleaning the surface of solar panels in a fast and simple way.

Solartracker Spa, Chile (SET100 list 2019)

Solar Tracker is dedicated to democratizing solar operation Intelligence. They provide key information about the operation and maintenance of distributed solar plant, so operators and owners can make decisions to improve the production and there turn of investment


Uptime Analytics | Colombia (SET 100 list 2020)

Uptime´s AI applications offer the tools necessary to implement different strategies to optimize energy consumption and operational costs for their customers. Their applications are based on analytical twins to capture, process, model, simulate and predict operational behaviour and energy consumption for machines.

Green Yellow Energiade Colombia S.A.S | Colombia (SET 100 list 2020)

Green Yellow’s Solutions aim to reduce the Energy costs and carbon footprint for different industry sectors and services companies by installing in the lighting, refrigeration and air conditioning system the most efficient products of the market with their associated line light electric control.

Vertebra Soluciones S.A.S | Colombia (SET 100 list 2020)

Vertebra Soluciones has a state-of-the-art control centre, meters, sensors and their own easy and intuitive software based on homogenized data, advanced statistical analysis, and a powerful visualization layer for real-time consumption monitoring, to find and verify savings strategies in consumption and rates.


Kradac Cia. Ltda. | Ecuador (SET 100 list 2020)

KRADAC CIA Ltda. offers a multimodal and integrated system that allows people to move anywhere with any of the available options in the city, pay for selected transportation option through e-tickets and acquire an adaptable and customizable daily/ weekly/ monthly mobility plan.


Start Up Energy Transition (SET) Tech Festival

Powered by the German Energy Agency (dena) in cooperation with the World Energy Council, Start Up Energy Transition (SET) is a leading international platform supporting innovation in energy transition.

The SET platform is comprised of the annual SET Award, SET Tech Festival and a global network of innovators. The SET Award is an international competition for start-ups and young companies worldwide who are working on ideas affecting global energy transition and climate change. Start-ups, business leaders, policymakers and investors met in Berlin to debate about the most innovative solutions to energy transition. The exhibition space hosts several accelerators who present its most promising start-ups, and the finalists of the SET award who showcase their brilliant ideas.

Combinado Consult enjoys being part of the reading jury and the SET network.