SET Tech Festival 2022

The SET Tech Festival 2022 took place on September 20, 2022.

Let’s come together! We continue to source the world!

In times like these, let’s come together!

Video interviews at dena’s SET Award 2019

As networking partner of dena’s Start Up Energy Transition (SET) Award, we have participated once again to meet start-ups and young companies from all over the world, who are working on ideas affecting global energy transition and climate change.

This time we also did some video interviews with some of the excellent start ups that have been present at this year’s edition.





Future videos we are doing might appear soon as well in our new video section:

Thanks to the all the interview partners and dena for organizing once again this amazing event in cooperation with the World Energy Council.

Looking forward already to the next SET edition! – Photovoltaic metal roofs

Interview with Dr. Andri Jagomägi, CEO, – Photovoltaic metal roofs, Eesti – Estonia

at dena’s Start Up Energy Transition Award in April 2019.

Roofit Solar Energy is a green-tech start-up, making renewable energy affordable to houseowners. They produce modules, which are building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) construction elements that replace the conventional roofing and facade materials.


Interview with Joan Collell, Co-founder, FlexiDAO – Blockchain & Energy, Barcelona – Spain

at dena’s Start Up Energy Transition Award en abril de 2019.

FlexiDAO, specialized in providing power companies with software tools for digital energy services. FlexiDAO’s software Spring helps energy retailers sell a new energy service in addition to their current energy supply: selection & time-based certification of local green energy. Consumers are empowered to impact the generation of renewable energy with their consumption by selecting the type of source they desire.

LUMOVIEW – Building Analytics

Interview with Dr.-Ing. Arne Tiddens, Co-Founder, Lumoview Building Analytics GmbH, Köln – Germany

at dena’s Start Up Energy Transition Award in April 2019.

LumoView – Building Analytics GmbH, a spin-off of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), launched as an independent company in 2019 developed a new measuring system that records and automatically evaluates energy information from buildings. The newly developed measuring system is based on 360-degree cameras that photograph a room in the visible and infrared wavelength range. The data is used to create a model of the room that illustrates the energetic information.


Interview with Dr. Susanne König, CFO, KRAFTBLOCK / NEBUMA GMBH, Saarbrücken – Germany

at dena’s Start Up Energy Transition Award in April 2019.

Kraftblock provides an eco-friendly, cost-efficient and highly scalable, modular thermal energy storage system. Kraftblock is a high density thermal energy storage. Its core technology is a uniquely designed material with a great combination of thermal conductivity and high specific capacity.


Interview with Felix Boldt, Co-Founder & CEO SolarWorX UG, Berlin – Germany

at dena’s Start Up Energy Transition Award in April 2019.

SolarWorX develops and manufactures solar systems that are modular, scalable and affordable. This solar system is the first to be stackable like LEGO bricks,has a productive use focus to support small businesses and communicates in local languages.